Technical Vocational Education and Training

Our Organisation

FR Research is a firm focused on research, organisational development and quality assurance. We are committed to developing people, improving organisations and unlocking value for education institutions.

Our Team

Prof Hoosen Rasool is well-known in education and training circles. He was Managing Director of the Management College of Southern Africa and Chief Executive Officer and Quality Assurance Manager of the Clothing, Textiles, Footwear and Leather Sector Education & Training Authority. Prior to this, he worked for several British universities in managing the quality assurance function of their African operations.

Dr Fathima Rasool specialises in curriculum development, pedagogy and research. She has worked as an academic and researcher for several universities and business schools. She is actively involved in the design, development and implementation of curricula for education institutions.

Further Education & Training Services

We offer a package of innovative services to FET Colleges based on our experiences acquired over the years. Our approach is systems-based, applications-driven and results-oriented with the objective of direct impact on institutions.

Quality Assurance

We provide smart quality assurance solutions for institutions. We advise institutions in their deliberations with regulatory bodies such as the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC), UMALUSI and other regulatory bodies in South Africa and abroad by the following:

  • Preparing staff for institutional audits
  • Developing structures, processes, policies and procedures
  • Ensuring the institution meets regulatory criteria
  • Aligning resources to
  • Developing quality improvement plans
  • Producing reports
  • Enhancing curricula
  • Applying for accreditation
  • Coaching and mentoring academic managers
  • Benchmarking and impact studies
  • Performance monitoring and evaluation

We will ensure a continuous quality improvement culture is infused in all activities of the institution.
We will make quality a priority at every point in the learning cycle.


FR Research Services works as an education and training broker between education institutions and corporate clients who want enroll employees on short courses and full learning programmes.

Our brokerage services are essentially a tripartite relationship between an education institution, corporate client company and platform host, FR Research Services.

This is how it works in practice:

No Steps Company Education Institution
1 Client company approaches FR Research for training solution.
  • We conduct a needs analysis and advises a client on training needs.
  • Determination of learning outcomes.
  • We source suitable education institution locally or internationally based on needs, quality costs,mode of delivery,>etc.
  • We negotiate with institutions about the enrolling learners.
  • Set out expectations and desired outcomes.
  • Discuss customisation of learning.
  • Reach agreement with institution.
2 Pre-check oflearning programme for cusstomisation.
  • Customisation of programme discussed and approved.
  • Delivery of programme to learners.
  • Production of progress reports.
3 Monitoring oflearner performance.
  • We monitor learner performance for client.
  • Address any learning problems on behalf of client by making representation to institution.
  • Discuss and resolve any possible problems of client.
4 Completion of learning programme.
  • Discuss post-training interventions such as ROI, impact assessment, coaching, future training, mentoring, talentmanagement and career development possibilities.
  • Graduation and closure report.

Growth Strategies

Our interventions to grow education institutions have been tried and tested on the African continent. We provide strategic advisory services to senior management; conduct market research; find new locations for expansion; advise marketing teams; and devise pricing and marketing strategies.

Curriculum Development

FR Research possesses considerable experience in designing, developing, reviewing and positioning management programmes for niche markets. Curriculum development is undertaken in alignment with institutional missions and mandates. We are abreast of cutting edge developments in the field of business management education, pedagogy and market trends. We will create a seamless interface between learning and the world of work.

Niche Short Course Development

We develop bespoke short courses for niche markets. The core strength of our short course development is in detailed conceptualization, wide consultation, meticulous preparation and innovative delivery methods to ensure learning outcomes are achieved.
We adopt learner-centered and practitioner-led teaching and learning approaches. There is a strong slant towards experiential and participatory learning practices involving critical analysis, deep reflection and discussion of complex issues with participants.

Institutional And Student Research

We strengthen institutional labour market research capacities by providing the following:

  • Conducting tracer and reverse tracer studies
  • Conducting skills audits
  • Devising staff development strategies
  • Conducting market research for colleges
  • Building institutional research capacity for Colleges
  • Providing research training for staff

Organisational Development

Step one

Forces of Change


  • Markets
  • Technology
  • Socio-political change


  • Behaviours
  • Process
  • Structure

Step two

Performance Outcomes

  • Organisational
  • Group
  • Individual

Step three


  • Behaviours
  • Processes
  • Structure
  • Resources
  • Management attitudes
  • Intergroup relations
  • Culture
  • Performance

Step Four


  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Interaction
  • Decision-making
  • Goal setting
  • Control
  • Performance

Step Five

Impediments and Limiting conditions

  • Resistance to change
  • Leadership climate
  • Formal organisation
  • Organisational Culture

Step Six

Organisational Development Framework

Step Seven

System for planned change in future

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