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Training providers in South Africa are subjected to pressure for accreditation of their short course offerings. Some employers believe that reimbursement of their mandatory skills levy grants is contingent on registering employees for accredited short courses.

This is a misunderstanding of the legislation and not the basis on which mandatory grants are disbursed. The Skills Development Act and Skills Development Levies Act provide for the recovery of mandatory grants on the grounds of the following:

  • submission of a Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report; and
  • submission of the name of a Skills Development Facilitator.

Short courses are simply too short for credits towards formal qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework. In any event, gaining a few NQF credits for a short course is of no value to students since they will not receive any module exemptions for formal qualifications, regardless.

FR Research Services is directed towards improving knowledge, skills and competencies and rapid implementation in the workplace. We train for development. Our priority is not certification or credentialism.

Booking Short Courses:

Booking a Short Course or Workshop

  1. Due to our firm commitment to customise training courses and workshops, we only accept bookings of a minimum of 5 participants or more per cohort.
  2. Contact Dr Hoosen Rasool or Dr Fathima Rasool to discuss your employees’ and organisation’s training needs, training date, logistics, a quote and payment terms.
  3. A facilitator will be sent to you to discuss customisation of the course or workshop.
  4. The customised training course or workshop will be discussed with you before the training event to ensure learning outcomes, context and content are in sync with client needs.
  5. The training course or workshop will be evaluated by participants.
  6. A closure report with recommendations will be communicated to the client.

NOTE: Prices will vary based on whether short courses or workshops are conducted on-site or off-site, number of training days and meal requirements.

Contact Dr Hoosen Rasool directly at +27 83 786 9329. He can also be reached at

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