FR Research Services offers the following research services:

Market Research Conducting market research for firms, educational institutions, employer bodies and government departments.
Environmental Scans Undertaking environmental scans, SWOT analysis, PESTEL and firm-level studies.
Sector Skills Plans Developing economic sector skills plans.
Industry Studies Researching a particular industry.
Supply and Demand Analysis Conducting occupational supply and demand analysis.
Impact Assessments Conducting feasibility studies and impact assessments.
Skills Audits Skills profiling of the workforce.
Foresight studies Postulating future scenarios for an industry or firm.
Tracer studies Conducting longitudinal studies to determine return of training investments.
Industry research Benchmarking the competitiveness of organisations and industries.
Employer Surveys Developing employer surveys.
Employability Studies Determining employability of graduates.
Occupation-specific Studies Identifying strategic occupations in the economy that encourages job creation, skills acquisition and GDP growth.
Occupation Maps Mapping career pathways for strategic occupations.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys Determining levels of customer satisfaction.
Staff Satisfaction Surveys Determining levels of staff satisfaction.
Social Surveys Conducting national surveys.

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