Our Methods

FR Research short courses and workshops are grounded firmly in learner-centred rationale. Our learning method requires critical analysis of problems and opportunities, deep reflection and constructive discussion of complex issues. We aim to develop the reflective practitioner. We integrate theory with practice and give considerable weighting to real-work experiences. Our approach enables rapid implementation of new skills to the work environment.

Case study analysis is an essential part of our learning offerings. Participants are presented with a number of situational cases. Through information gathering and robust analysis, they draw findings and offer solutions. This method shifts the focus from passive teaching to active learning.

We focus on experiential and results-based learning. Our methods are interactive, engaging and practice-oriented. At least 60% of learning time is used for participative learning and sharing experiences with fellow participants. We recognise that all participants have something to offer the body of knowledge. Hence, our facilitators steer and guide the learning experience by drawing out the insights of participants and best practices in the field.

The following methods are used in our courses and workshops:

  • Individual and group presentations by participants;
  • Master classes by expert practitioners in the respective field;
  • Group work of a “hands-on” nature;
  • Case study analysis;
  • Projects;
  • Work-related; and
  • Individual learning activities.

Participants are encouraged to share ideas and documents, relate common problems and create networks long after the programme is completed.

FR Research Services aims to make learning a truly memorable experience for all.


We also offer the following workshops and will customise them to the needs of the clients:

Workshop Themes


What is your organisation’s analytical maturity?

2 Days

Performance monitoring and evaluation

2 Days

Conducting Impact Assessments

2 Days

High performance teams

2 Days

Research methods

2 Days

Shop stewards training

2 Days

Measuring skills shortages

3 Days

Writing winning proposals

2 Days

Developing sector strategies

2 Days

Labour market information and analysis

5 Days

Employment Diagnostics

2 Days


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