Advisory Services

FR Research offers strategic advisory services to government departments in education and training with establishing and improving national training systems.

We advise on the following:

  • developing of national, sectoral and regional skills strategies that work;
  • aligning skills strategies to industrial policy and industry strategies;
  • setting up and actioning skills councils;
  • creating working partnerships between the social partners – employers, trade unions, community bodies and the state;
  • developing industry clusters;
  • establishing training infrastructures;
  • aligning training and development to industry needs;
  • researching career pathways and career ladders;
  • identifying occupations in high demand for national lists;
  • developing policies, procedures and processes for skills migration frameworks;
  • devising national skills measurement systems for determining skills imbalances in the labour market;
  • establishing credible mechanisms for institutional skills planning; and
  • capacity-building of stakeholders in the education and training systems.

Our advisory services to governments are aimed at developing responsive education and training systems.

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