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FR Research Services is a labour market research consultancy focused on advising government agencies with strengthening their post-school education and training systems. By doing so, we enable countries to respond to the multi-faceted challenges of national skills formation, employment creation, economic competitiveness, decent work and poverty alleviation. Our research and advisory services is developmentally-oriented with the aim of building sustainable livelihoods for all.

We work with various government departments, skills authorities, human resource development councils, trade unions, regulators, employer associations and post-school education and training institutions to align education and training to national policy priorities of the country. We are very mindful of growing youth unemployment and rising inequality in many societies and give particular attention to these realities in our work.

We engage with our clients to understand context, define their needs, devise workable solutions, garner stakeholder buy-in, support implementation, and monitor and evaluate progress. We train managers to implement and manage solutions, thus building internal institutional strengths.

Our major focus area is helping education and training departments build labour market information and intelligence systems to measure skills imbalances in their economies. We are currently advising a number of countries in this area of need.

Talk to us and you will be pleasantly surprised of what we can offer you.

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